Bardo beer is HERE!

Come on by  Fri 6pm on, Sat &Sun 1pm on...

1200-1216  Bladensburg Rd, NE. DC
500 outdoor seats, 100 indoor seats, cornhole and beer

Bardo beer  descriptions

facebook      twitter-- @bardobeer    twitter- @bardawgdc

Send us an e-mail at---  info {at} or 762-233-7070

22 Best Beer Gardens in America 

Bicycle Directions to our place

New place! Cat is out of the bag.

big river

Play "where's Waldo".. and find yourself in these pics... click on the photo for a Hi-Res version

2014 bike party

Bardo is available for private parties and fundraisers. Just contact us ( email or stop by) for more details


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check out the squat toilet hullabaloo!--


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Press Clips-lots of reading material here

QT VR of Old Bardo interior one--- two--- three

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